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Boma Narakasura

Here's the Story of Bomanarakasura

Long time ago there lived a powerful man named Boma Narakasura. He was the son of Prabu Krishna and he was jealous to his brother, Samba because he was more loved by his father.Boma was  lust for power and had given to him Trajutrisna Kingdom

One day he fought with his brother to kill him.
"What are you doing brother, are you not satisfied with your own kingdom? “Ask Samba" I want to rule the world, and it will happen after I kill you "said Boma
"But I am your brother, anyway if the father heard it he would be very concerned about itSamba said
"I do not care, he had never even think of me as his son, and I want to conquer the world" said Boma
Boma had a weapon named Pancasona, when he would to kill samba, someone came to help, he was Gathotkaca
"How dare you interfere in my business" Boma said, "I do not interfere but can not let injustice" replied Gathotkaca
Finally gathotkaca fought with Boma, but Boma got help from a giant bird named Wilmuna, because Gathotkaca could fly they fought in the sky.
Boma wanted to hit with his weapon, but turned until he be deflected and fell to the ground, but he could rose again.
They fought again, hitting gathotkaca wilmuna and Boma "finally you die" gathotkaca said, but he could rose again "I can not die, then I'm sure I can rule the world"
Gathotkaca almost desperate because can not kill the Boma, and then he got the telepathy from prabu Krishna
"Raden to killed Boma, do not let him fall to earth because his mother is Pertiwi earth the goddess of who will always give him life," said Krishna prabu
"But he's your son" answered gathotkaca
"I prefer to justice than the rebellious son" said Krishna
After that with the weapon Brajamusti, Gathotkaca killed Boma, before touched the ground he put him on the tree so it did not touch the ground, finally bomanarakasura dead and peace returned.

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